FREE One-Year Intensive Graduate Program, African Master’s in Machine Intelligence (AMMI) offered by African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) for students from Africa

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Become a Machine Intelligence Expert
Improve the world

Welcome to the African Master’s in Machine Intelligence (AMMI)

AMMI is a novel FULLY FUNDED one-year intensive graduate program that provides brilliant young Africans with state-of-the-art training in machine learning and its applications.

The AMMI program will prepare well rounded machine intelligence researchers who respond to both present and future needs of Africa and the world.

All interested students from Africa are invited to apply.

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) is a Pan-African network of centers of excellence for post-graduate training, research and public engagement in mathematical sciences. They enable brightest students of Africa to become innovators that propel scientific, educational and economic self-sufficiency.

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