Election Day: FREE rides to the polls – New Virginia Majority / Trinity Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia [#ElectionDay #FREERides #Richmond #RichmondVirginia]

Election Day: FREE rides to the polls – New Virginia Majority / Trinity Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia [#ElectionDay #FREERides #NewVirginiaMajority #TrinityBaptistChurch #Richmond #RichmondVirginia]

[November 5, 2019]

Election Day is Tuesday, November 5, 2019 and some community groups are offering voters FREE rides to the polls.

Advocacy groups are going door-to-door making sure voters know when and where to vote, as well as what you will be voting for. People in Central Virginia are dedicated to making sure there are no barriers when it comes to exercising your right.

“It’s like an 8-hour job, full-time just knocking on doors.”
– Leon Soria

But he would not have it any other way.

“We want people to know they need to make their voice heard.”
– Leon Soria

Leon Soria is making new friends in the process, making sure neighbors know where their voting precinct is for Election Day, which is a week from Tuesday.

“I go on people’s doors, knock on them, tell them that there’s an election…We were doing a lot of North Chesterfield (and) Chesterfield County as a whole.”
– Leon Soria said while canvassing Leigh Street in Richmond

It’s one of the numerous efforts across our area to get out the vote. Trinity Baptist Church in Richmond is offering to take voters to the polls.

“If that’s your only obstacle for not voting, then it’s my pleasure to take you to the polls.”
– Amber Brown of the New Virginia Majority

Her group is one of many educating the public.

“A lot of people don’t know about the election coming up. They are not as informed as we would like and that is the main reason we’re out here.”
– Amber Brown

They’re also helping voters know what will be on the ballot before they head to the polls.

It’s why they have invested in this labor of love.

“It doesn’t matter who you vote for. Just make sure you go out and exercise your right to vote.”
– Amber Brown

“If we call ourselves a democracy, we have to have the most people voting, the most people out there making their voices heard.”
– Leon Soria

You can check your voter registration status and even find your polling location online, here.

You can contact New Virginia Majority at (804) 918-7412 and Trinity Baptist Church at (804) 321-2427.

Groups go door-to-door to educate voters, offer FREE rides to polls: